Talk Title: Agile Restaurant and Catering Solutions

Abstact: I was born in 1985 in Adana/Turkey. I graduated from Yildiz Technical University and studied Metals and Materials Engineering. My first job was at a cement factory in Mersin called as Cimsa and I was at the quality control department as an engineer. Then I moved back to Istanbul and found a job at ACM as a business development specialist. I was also responsible for outsourcing and also human resources. After I got the training for Agile and after I got the certificates such as Scrum Master I become a part of the Agile meetings and kept getting the trainings. Finally I decided to find what makes me really happy and tried cooking and left Turkey. Traveled 13 countries and learned local products and cuisines. After traveling about 6 months I moved to U.S. and found my first cooking job and first time I got the chance to meet with my manager I asked him to use Agile to manage the kitchen which I used it through the whole time in my whole work life and I got more than 5 promotions in 3 years and become a chef in the main kitchen and the executive chef at my department and worked with some of the best chefs in the world but mostly with Wolfgang Puck. I cooked at so many big events like Oscar’s for four years and got the chance of making dishes that I picked. Nowadays I am consulting restaurants, leading some high-end events and developing my own business in Turkey and also in the U.S.

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