Tine Bieber

Co-Founder UNI Emotion & Partner at the #AdaptiveOrg

Tine is a former partner of a oil and gas company in The Netherlands, where Holacracy was implemented in 2016. This brought the people in the organization on an evolutionary purpose journey that came with an unexpected twist, making Tine experience the flip side of the New Work movement as well. Tine is a German native and loves to explore the world through her work, which connected her deeply to places such as Brazil, Türkiye and the Indian Kashmir region.


Speech Abstract :

Purpose is often used as an emotional engagement tool stay adaptive, agile and resilient going through transformation as an organization. This can come with a flip side, which we explore throughout the talk. I will be able to provide a take on purpose, meaning, impact and how to create an inclusive culture, that is adaptive and set for impact and making transformation not a state but a stage.