Director of Agile Practices
Talk Title: High Performing Teams and The Harada Method

Bio: Pamela Dukes is a Hall of Fame and Olympic athlete who is focused on helping teams through servant leadership and self-reliance strategies. She is passionate about learning and helping others as a coach, trainer and mentor. 

She has been a featured speaker at several Agile and Lean conferences and loves sharing her experiences with others. With over 20 years in the technology industry, she uses Agile practices and her experience with high performing teams to improve team productivity and deliver high value products.  Her superpowers are her optimism, empathy and finding ways to view and conquer challenges while motivating those around her. 

She is a proud graduate of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. At Stanford, she majored in Sociology with a focus in Organizational Behavior and has earned both Bachelors and Masters of Arts. She has also earned several certifications in Agile methodologies and is a Certified Harada Method Trainer.

She also mentors those who request her assistance and conducts goal setting classes using the Harada Method periodically. She donates yearly to a couple of scholarships at her high school, Freehold Township High School. Her proudest and favorite role is as mom to Alexander.

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