Osman Selçuk Sarıoğlu

Organizational Transformation Lead, Ford Otosan


Osman Selçuk Sarıoğlu is an experienced professional with 20 years of practise in the automotive industry. He currently works at Ford Otosan, a leading automotive company, where he has been a key player in the organization’s transformation journey. Osman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Middle East Technical University and a master’s degree in Software Engineering from Boğaziçi University.


Having 18 years’ experience in supply chain management, he has been involved Ford Otosan’s transformation efforts, which include culture & leadership, digital, lean, and agile transformations, since 2016. In his current role as Organizational Transformation Lead, Osman is responsible for driving activities of reshaping organization structures, designing governance methods, developing organizational effectives strategies and aligning with stakeholders to enable agile principles applied at team and leadership levels across the organization. He is a strategic thinker and has a proven track record of successfully implementing large-scale transformation projects, such as restructuring of Ford Romania’s logistics processes, digital and lean transformation of supply chain of Ford Otosan, and finally agile transformation at Ford Otosan.


Speech Abstract :

Strategy cascading is essential to enable alignment of organizational goals and objectives with individual performance and development plans. It’s key to improve accountability and transparency in goal setting, communication and collaboration across organization. Having a good process gives a competitive advantage on effective resource allocation and budget planning based on strategic priorities and goals.

During the session, Ford Otosan’s transformation journey for strategy cascading process will be presented. With this experience sharing, you will have insights on challenges, success factors, and how to approach in such an exciting process transformation.