Data & Analytics Tribe Lead @ Unilever

Ömür is a business analytics professional and agile transformation lead with 15 years of experience in the CPG industry. He took a key role or led data driven business transformation programs in multiple CPG companies on local and global scale, either as a consultant or as a business professional. Besides his data and analytics profession, he’s been an active servant leader on founding and leading agile teams and tribes on local and global levels in multiple organizations. In the recent years, he’s been extending his analytics and agile experiences through analytics product management.

He studied telecommunications engineering in Istanbul Technical University, worked as an R&D Enginner in Telefonica, then moved to analytics world as a consultant in Accenture Digital where he worked mostly abroad for 8 years. Later he joined PepsiCo Turkey to found a local Data & Analytics team and then joined Koç Digital as the CPG & Retail Analytics Industry Lead and then joined Nestle as a global Data & Analytics Product Manager.

In 2021, he moved back to Turkey and joined Unilever as the Data & Analytics Director to found and to lead Data & Analytics Tribe in the purpose of data driven business transformation. Besides leading the Data & Analytics Tribe, he takes active role in digital transformation of Unilever and the Data & Analytics tribe pioneers organization wide agile transformation.