Head of Transformation at Continental

Talk Title: “Doing Agile in Hardware – any difference?”

Abstact: “During this session we will look at the major differences that we at Continental have experienced when we tried to apply doing and being agile within a business unit that creates 0 lines of software but is focused on building hardware components. I will share my impressions and experiences of this ongoing business case in the hopes that other companies out there can learn from this and see the benefits of applying agility in this uncommon space.”

Bio: After coming from a very different life as a translator and living 4 years in Beijing China, I moved back to Europe where I studied IT-Business Systems.

Over the next few years I build my knowledge about how enterprises work, what IT Systems can do and what agile is all about while working for two international consultancies. These companies gave me the opportunity to work across various projects, industries and continents, learning firsthand how tough real change can be. One of the most exciting opportunities was my delegation to New York (USA) where I helped setup an agile offering across my companies digital practice while at the same time advising some of the biggest banks in the world on how to become agile.

When my son was born I decided to move towards a more stable lifestyle where after a short stint at Allianz I hired as head of continuous improvement at Continental Germany. Currently I advise a large transformation in the hardware space where we continuously have to find solutions for problems that should not be new….

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