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Softtech, which was established in 2006, operates in offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Cyprus, Antalya and Kayseri. With its more than 1600 employees, it puts innovation and in-house entrepreneurship in its main strategy and offers creative, sustainable and innovative software solutions to its customers in international markets beyond their needs.


Softtech, which follows the technology trends in the world with its subsidiaries in San Francisco and Shanghai, creates value for them by digitizing its business partners in different fields of activity with its experience in the banking and finance software sector. While implementing its software solutions, it uses the new generation “low-code” software platform called “Plateau” developed by itself and different technological infrastructures on the other hand.


Softtech deals with the concept of transformation in a holistic way both as value-oriented corporate culture transformation and by focusing on high performance, customer, product, leadership and agility with its own “dna” model. Carrying out the agile transformation process in parallel with its biggest customer, İş Bankası, it is one of the few transformation stories realized at this scale.