Laura Powers

CEO at Business Agility Institute | Change Catalyst | Leadership Advisor | Keynote speaker | Connector | Educator | Advocate for modern, human-centric ways of working


An international leader for business transformation through Lean Agile ways of working. Extensive experience in agile training, coaching and consulting. 25+ years experience in product development ranging from Silicon Valley startups to large enterprises.

• Agile Assessments and Reboots – support Agile organizations to assess current levels of agility, roadmap improvements and sustain measurable return on their Agile investment
• Lean Agile leadership – including Agile change management, work culture evolution, and executive and leadership team coaching
• Building, coaching & sustaining high performing Agile teams at client sites, as well consultancy delivery teams
• Lean Agile courseware and workshop design and customization for neurological impact, interactivity and sustained return on training investment
• The “human” side of Agile and Agile at scale – EQ, communication, conflict resolution, decision making & negotiation

Selected Accomplishments and Honors:
• Agile instructor for Stanford University Continuing Studies Program
• Co-chair – Agile Coaching & Mentoring track for the Agile 2019 & 2020 conferences, Agile Alliance
• 2019 Silicon Valley Woman of Influence award – Silicon Valley Business Journal
• Cofounder of the “Agile Games” podcast
• Conference and keynote speaker at local, national and international Agile conferences including Scrum Gatherings, SAFe® Summit, and Agile Alliance conferencesPrioritize?

Speech Abstract

“Prioritize. Prioritize! The Art & Science of Getting Strategic Stuff Done”

Which priority tops the list today? The reality is, there’s never enough time, money, or brain cycles to tackle everything on your organization’s list. The relentless pressure to deliver is real –  demanding that we achieve “more with less.” To keep up with the pace of change, something’s got to give.
According to research by the Business Agility Institute, 79% of organizations are drowning in “top strategic” priorities they can’t complete. Shockingly, 62% aren’t addressing this chaos at all. And then they wonder why nothing is getting done.  But here’s the twist: this turmoil can be your secret weapon. Organizations that master the art of balancing, aligning and focusing their strategic priorities gain a competitive edge.
Make attending this session your top priority to uncover the why, what, and how of balancing strategic priorities.