Joan Hinterauer

Founding Partner #AdaptiveOrg (Meta-Framework for Self-Management) | Impactpreneur | B-Corp Leader | Sustainability Advisor


I am an entrepreneur and a partner to leaders and organizations committed to making a positive impact in the world. As a thought leader in self-management, I have developed the AdaptiveOrg framework, a meta-framework for organizational (self-management) transformation. Over the past seven years, AdaptiveOrg has successfully guided numerous SMEs (up to 600 FTE) through their transformation journeys with remarkable speed and impact.

In addition to my work with AdaptiveOrg, I am engaged in three other ventures: Corporate Sustainability Consulting, Commercial Solar-Carport Solutions, and a software startup focused on virtual equity to enable the network economy of the future (similar to a DAO for the real world).

Outside of my professional endeavors, I am a proud father of two wonderful children and an enthusiastic tennis player.


Speech Abstract
From Agile To Adaptive – How An Invitation-based Change Model Rocks Your Transformation

The agile movement has become a cornerstone for organizations globally, particularly in large corporate environments where Agile methodologies are now essential. However, has Agile truly delivered on its promises? Upon closer inspection, much of the perceived success is superficial, marked by glittering success stories that do not reflect the broader reality. While there are notable exceptions, such as Latro, these are rare.
With nearly a decade of experience in progressive organizational design and development, I’ve observed that Agile’s strengths lie at the team level, while its weaknesses are evident in cross-organizational collaboration and implementation-based transformation approaches. This realization took root eight years ago, following my third organizational transformation project, which, despite good intentions, yielded disappointing results in terms of economic impact and engagement culture.

In response, we developed the AdaptiveOrg approach. By forming temporary cross-organizational teams focused on specific problems, we address structural and strategic issues, fostering business agility and a high-engagement culture. This model achieves transformation without altering organizational charts or team structures.

Join my talk at Agile Türkiye 2024 to learn how our participative change model accelerates transformation at all levels. I look forward to meeting you there!