Jim Ewel

Trainer, Coach, Author of The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing and Co-Founder of the Agile Marketing Alliance


Jim Ewel is one of the authors of the Agile Marketing Manifesto and the co-founder of the Agile Marketing Alliance (www.agilemarketingalliance.com ).  He is also the author of the essential guide to implementation of Agile marketing, The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing.

Jim has helped over 80 companies adopt Agile marketing, including organizations as diverse as T-Mobile, Salesforce, Best Buy Canada, Thales, Doxy.me, EQ Bank, Boston Private, CUNA, NAIT, Deseret Digital, SpaceSaver, Great Dane Trailers, Northern Arizona University, Netskope, Sprinklr, and Zenprise.

Earlier in his career, Jim spent 12 years at Microsoft in various roles including GM of SQL Server marketing and Vice President of Server Marketing. Jim was also CEO of three startups: GoAhead Software, Adometry, and InDemand Interpreting.

Speech Abstract
“Why AI Adoption Needs Business Agility”

Too many people are focusing on AI as technology and the “shiny new thing”. In this presentation, Jim Ewel will explain why AI will only be successful if it focuses on improving business outcomes, not just generating more content and doing things faster.