Founder at Latro

Talk Title: Why did I fire the boss?

Bio: In my entire life, I have never been happy with the concept of hierarchical management. I was sure that hierarchy did not bring any happiness to people, but also, I had never been able to convince myself that it was the absolute management style for successful organizations. As a result, I believed in the necessity of transitioning to the “self-management” organizational model. And as the start of this change, I fired Latro’s boss who was myself!

While this absolutely non-bureaucratic space of freedom allows individuals to enjoy self-discovery and realize themselves freely, the collective management and decision-making mechanism improve the confidence of co-experiencing this journey as a team. This management model removes all obstacles to an individual’s self-expression, inherently extending support in the personal development journey. This structure strongly emphasizes “creativity” and makes “innovation” the most powerful element of its culture.

So who am I now? I am just the founder of Latro , one of the team member , a person who is freer , happier , more creative , more innovative and a lot more beneficial to the company and to community.


– Journey of our ecosystem
– Purpose, Values, Principles
– How do they actually live in Latro?
– Self / Collective -Management organization model
– Autonomous structure of hubs (teams)
– General working rhythm ( progress- improve -discovery – share&learn )
– Sharing our experiences in this journey and suggestions for those who are interested

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