About Ford Otosan

Ford Otosan, founded in 1959 with equal shares of Ford Motor Company and Koç Holding, is the only Turkish automotive company that can design an entire vehicle, including the engine, interior and exterior visual design, with its more than 13 thousand employees. The company is the biggest commercial vehicle production center in Turkey and Europe operating with 3 factories, 3 R&D Centers and spare parts warehouses in Kocaeli, Eskişehir and Istanbul. In addition to Ford’s global product development activities, the company also plays the role of the global engineering and production center for the diesel engines and engine systems of Ford Trucks heavy commercial vehicles, and has the largest R&D organization in the Turkish automotive industry with over 1400 R&D engineers.

Ford Otosan, proudly continuing to be the export champion of Turkey for 6 years in a row and of the automotive industry for 10 years, realizes 79% of Turkey’s commercial vehicle exports on its own. The company, which has succeeded in being the first and only company that produces hybrid commercial vehicles in Turkey, has recently announced its investment plan of 2 billion euros to implement electric and connected new generation commercial vehicle projects and aims to make its Kocaeli Plants “Turkey’s first and only integrated vehicle production facility”.

Ford Otosan, which started a transformation journey in 2015 with the vision of leading the future, in order to respond to the changing demands and needs of the automotive industry, carried out a cultural transformation in 2017 with the participation of its employees. As a result of this cultural transformation, the company has reached a common culture called ‘Dynamic Balance’ and continues its ‘Agile Transformation’ journey that it started in 2020 throughout the company.

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