Agile Coach, Professional Coach and HR Professional at TürkTraktör

BioCeren Ertem Çimen is an Agile Coach at TürkTraktör after 17 years of experience as Human Resources & Talent Management & Corporate Communication Manager and Director roles in retailing, automative and mining sectors. She has implemented so many projects regarding talent management, employee engagement and experience, employer branding, compensation and benefits, training and development and social responsibility.  She is a certified and a volunteer coach (PCC)  and mentor and takes role in social responsibility projects. She is  Vice President of PERYÖN Middle Anatolia Branch,  Board Member in TEV Ankara Branch and TED Ankara Kolejililer Sports Club,   Ankara Coordinator of Association for Coaching.

Panel Name: Kapsamlı Bir Dönüşüme Başlamak-Otokoç Otomotiv

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