Executive Director, Agile Transformation Internal Audit at BBVA

Talk Title: “Based on a true story: can Agile be implemented in Internal Audit? Yes, indeed!”

Abstract: Based on BBVA’s success story of implementing Agile in Internal Audit department, we will review the key elements for that transformation to be successful, and how Agile has helped Internal Audit of BBVA to navigate and keep up production pace through the Pandemic.

Bio: Celso Nores Jurado, Internal Audit Executive Director at BBVA, has 23 years of experience in Internal Audit of banks. During his career path, he has been responsible for Internal Audit of BBVA in Asia-Pacific region, (Hong Kong), Head of Corporate and Investment Banking of BBVA (Madrid), and Head of Turkey Internal Audit Integration (Istanbul). Currently, he is responsible for the Agile Transformation of Internal Audit teams of BBVA in Turkey and USA.

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