Workshop Facilitators

Hakan Erdoğan

Lemi Orhan Ergin

Sabri Onur Tüzün

Workshop Name
How to Build a Technology Company


1 Hour




Startups have agility in their DNA. Therefore we undoubtedly assume that they can adapt to every single change. However due to the challenges they face, being a startup could be their biggest enemy unexpectedly.

In this workshop, Hakan, Onur and Lemi will share their real-life experiences and practical tips with the audience. They will show how three major areas, Hiring, Culture and Technology, can have impact on building a successful company.

You will get to know

 How startups born and grow with the power of agility

 Hiring strategies to build A class teams

 Important practices to cultivate an agile & lean culture in the company

 How to improve motivation and competency of employees

 How software craftsmanship can have impact on the products

 Technical and technological aspects, including SDLC flows and architectural decisions