Workshop Facilitators

Rıdvan Akçiçek

Fatoş Alikılıç

Workshop Name
Gamified Agile Experience


1 Hour




Agile and Agility are common words in today’s business environment. Agility is totally depend on cultural and mindset change to “Being” Agile instead of “Doing” Agile. Thus, it shouldn’t be just keep on practices as rules that impossible to change. To deep understanding for Agile mindset one of key learning approach is Gamification.

In this workshop, Hakan, Onur and Lemi will share their real-life experiences and practical tips with the audience. They will show how three major areas, Hiring, Culture and Technology, can have impact on building a successful company.

You will get to know

 Agile and Agility

 Agile Mindset

 Being Agile vs Doing Agile

You will get to know

 Hands on Agile experience

 Shifting Mindset to Agile

 Being a part of Agile Team/Organization