Workshop Facilitators

Besim Kosova

Özge Sevindir

Workshop Name
Do it yourself Usability Testing Workshop


1 Hour




Startups have agility in their DNA. Therefore we undoubtedly assume that they can adapt to every single change. However due to the challenges they face, being a startup could be their biggest enemy unexpectedly.

Let us give you a hint. Even though an "ideal" Usability Test should feature field studies and reviews from experts, you still conduct your very own high level usability checks by yourself with a minimal effort and budget. With a little help, of course.


Within this Workshop, thanks to a quick training and a direct hands on activity on a real website.


You will get to know

 The idea of Usability

 The metrics of Usability

 How to perform yourself

 Prioritizing findings

Key Takeaways

 Sample of UXservices's Official Usability Criteria

 Ability to review physical or digital products, from perspective of Usability.