Workshop Facilitators

Ceren Çelik Çetin

Workshop Name
Agile Role Change via Drama


1 Hour




You have begun Agile transformation and thinking that you have practiced as much as you

can, but you still see that existing problems have not been improved enough, or new problems arise day by day. Let us take you on an adventure and build your own story and experience with different possible ends.


With this workshop, our aim is to provide different perspectives of Agile transformation problems and antipatterns through drama techniques; that leaders, team members and administrators are facing on their daily routines. 

Participants will contribute to the situations depicted on the stage with their creative and innovative leadership practices. During the workshop, thanks to the participants experiences, the different roles of the stories will have different elements and different endings.

You will get to know

 Agile Leadership, Organizational Behaviour, Agile Leadership, Scrum Roles


Key Takeaways

Agile roots are coming from organizational behavior and production line systems. The basic aim is to help management and corporate culture to produce more effective and faster results. In order to get the expected results, it should be applied properly with Agile Leadership principles.


This workshop gives valuable awareness for Agile Leadership such as participation, communication, leadership, conflict management, personality traits etc.