Workshop Facilitator

Kat Conner & Lyssa Adkins

Workshop Name
A TENWOMENSTRONG Gathering: Getting More of What you Want Using Authentic Power


23 October 2019


In today’s busy world, it is easy to lose ourselves. At work, in the community and at home, we generously give ourselves away: “walking the talk,” modeling Agile values like courage, respect and commitment. We support others during change, and often forget that we are changing and in need of support, too. When we defer our own self care, we pay for it with nagging feelings of uncertainty, stuckness or overwhelm. Worst of all: we let the purpose of living get away from us. We abandon ourselves and our power.

TENWOMENSTRONG believes in the power of women. We believe that every woman is wise and talented. We hold sacred the experiences that shape each woman’s life and give voice to her story. We meet each woman where she is in her life and support and encourage her to get to where she wants to go. 

Why “TEN”? On a scale of 1-10, we aim to live a TEN on purpose! YOUR definition of a TEN, no one else's.

In this workshop, TENWOMENSTRONG co-leaders Lyssa Adkins and Kat Conner create a space for a circle of women Agilists to explore together, celebrate one another and create structures for on-going support. Come to the session if you'd like to explore these questions:

Where do you desire more satisfaction in your work, or your life? 

What edge will you have to cross to enjoy that greater satisfaction?

What holds you back from crossing that edge?

What is the nature of power and influence, yours and others'? What is your "powerpoint" and how to lean into your personal superpowers to create greater impact and influence?

How can we, as women, support one another in the changes we'd like to make?

 Let Lyssa and Kat lead you through a series of experiences and conversations to explore each of these questions.  Expect the workshop day to be interactive, practical, evocative and designed with time to think solo and to explore in conversation. We will not be in a rush! Instead, we will be in a space where the feminine essence is welcome and creates a vibe that is reflective, vulnerable, daring, enlivening and maybe even full of belly laughs!

Our greatest hope is that you leave the workshop with a clearer sense of what you want, an idea of what must change for you to get it, and a circle of women Agilists to support you along the way.!