Workshop Facilitator

Patrick Steyaert

Workshop Name
Okaloa Flowlab - "Business Agility" Workshop


24th October 2018


09:00 - 17:00


Until 17th August

360 USD (incl. 18% VAT)

After 17th August

500 USD (incl. 18% VAT)


Okaloa Flowlab is a new, experiential, way of teaching and coaching 21st century business agility that involves the entire organization. Rather than teaching a specific agile or lean method, it allows participants to explore the foundations of flow, collaboration and learning, and how they relate to each other! 

From the top down, Okaloa Flowlab instils new ways of thinking not just doing. From the bottom up, this new mindset inspires action not just talk. Specifically, Okaloa Flowlab allows participants to experience a new way of thinking that is sticky or even contagious as it spreads across a network of agile practitioners and ultimately building bridges between all levels and functions across the entire organization.


 Warm-up exercise: explore core elements of Agile thinking 

 Simulate working of "agile-but" team (doing agile) 

 Share observations, and learn how to analyze the finding (root cause analysis, causal loops leading to improvements of the system) 

 Learn to use integrative thinking to resolve the percieved conflict between agility and predictability, flow- and resource-efficiency, commitment and engagement

 Simulate a "being" agile environment (flow efficiency, explicit collaboration policies, effective knowledge sharing)

 Closure: reflection on putting what has been experienced into practice.

Who Should Attend

The workshop is intended for everybody who is interested in improving their work. By focusing on "how work works", the Okoloa Flowlab simulations are accessible for IT, as well as non-IT people.