This year is very different from other years! Together we are establishing the Agile Turkey Memorial Forest

This year is very different from other years! We will organize our event online and contribute to nature. This year, we are building the Agile Turkey Memorial Forest together. It is very simple for you to contribute to the work to be carried out with the Ege Orman Vakfı and Agile Turkey Cooperation.
To register to Agile Turkey Summit, you only need to donate trees.
19760 saplings
In the Agile Turkey Memorial Forest project, which we set out with the goal of 5000 saplings, so far 1252 participants have contributed with 19760 saplings.

About The Event

Agile Turkey Summit 2020 is a two day, international online event gathering Agile enthusiasts together. We would like you to take part in the 8th Agile Turkey Summit to discuss the hot topics in Agile world.

Why Attend

Agile Turkey Summit is an event with 6 online sessions with 1 keynote speaker and 2 workshops spread through 2 days, where you can access agility insights from world-class experts, learn by practicing and extend your network.

Missed A Session?

All the sessions and workshops are recorded for you to later access.



Agile Turkey Summit offers great opportunities for sponsors, hosting more than 1000 attendees in this event.
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Agile Turkey is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 with the purpose of increasing the adoption of Agile methods that have been proven effective around the world in Turkey. Agile Turkey Team has been bringing Agile leaders and practitioners from leading companies around the world together to the biggest Agile event of the year for Turkey and for the region: