Founder of Okaloa

Business Agility - More of the same, or fundamentally different?

Business agility is more than scaling agile (development) practices. It is more than the sum of different organizational units that each implement their own chosen agile method on their own little islands constrained by a traditional management system. Nor is it a top-down imposed one-size-fits-all big agile model that fits everybody and nobody. It is a different way of thinking about agility. It requires us to address different functions in the organization (e.g. Agile in HR, Agile in Finance, Agile in Marketing) across all levels (including executive levels). It requires agile thinking at scale moving from team flow to enterprise flow that balances demand with supply from team to portfolio level; moving from collaboration of individuals in teams to individuals in networks of teams; and moving from individual learning to organizational learning. In this talk we will analyse how business agility is not just more of the same, but fundamentally different and share our experiences on new ways of teaching and coaching agile thinking that addresses this fundamental difference. We will talk about the role of methods, including the role of Kanban in business agility.