Lean and Agile Marketer

Agile and Lean Marketing

This talk will focus on the benefits and challenges of applying Lean and Agile methodologies in the marketing context. We will explore how these principles and practices can move beyond development and production, in order to boost collaboration, communication and transparency in the marketing team. Further, we will discuss the role of marketing professionals to act as a gateway for Lean and Agile to enter the business units of any organization.

As the head of a marketing team, supporting the shipping of a SaaS product, I became accustomed to trying out methods I see our developers use on my own team. The application of Lean & Agile methodologies in our marketing process was an experiment in creating a more efficient, streamlined workflow in our creative team. After over two years running my marketing team on Kanban, I can attest to the fact that a flow-based method that allows for visualization of the process and aims to deliver maximum value to the customer has the potential to transform the marketing game at scale. Recently, I have been working alongside the marketing departments of industry leaders who have also opted for a more value-driven, waste-free workflow and achieved success. I will share some of their stories with you and more...