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Independent Agile & Leadership Coach 

Leading Agility through Influence

Bringing agility to organizations can both be rewarding and challenging. As we navigate well-established organizational structures and long held individual preferences, we spend a lot of energy sharing new agile practices and mindset changes. We may not pause to listen deeply to what is trying to emerge, which is often below our conscious awareness. Are you hearing the invitation of change being whispered and are you able to share that wisdom? Your ability to influence profound change starts with your ability to develop the skills that let you answer these questions, and then share the answers in a way that invites people into change. In other words, the source of your influence is YOU. By first listening to your personal wisdom and challenging yourself to move beyond your own stories and habits that get in your way.


Join international organizational agilists and change champions Lyssa Adkins and Kat Conner as we explore why now is the time to go deeper into ourselves, our teams and organizations that truly wish to transform. This keynote will be interactive and personal as we lead you through activities that connect to your inner power and commitment so that you can become a powerful collective force of change for your teams and organizations. We are the leaders that can influence the change that we imagine!