Product Owner, CEO 

Agile Leadership - Believing that your organization is a machine is holding you back.

Leaders have been misled; metaphors like "the organization works like a well-oiled machine" permeate much of management thinking, but organizations are nothing like machines, and thinking that they are prevents them from achieving higher levels of performance, from innovating, and from using adaptability to achieve strategic advantage. Whether the old industrial model evet worked is up for debate, but there is no doubt that it is unable to meet the challenge of shifting markets and empowered customers. The challenge modern leaders face is to leave behind the factory metaphor to create intelligent, dynamic, and energized organizations that are able to learn and adapt faster than their competitors to create and deliver value.

In this talk, Dave West, CEO and Product Owner for Scrum.org describes what the new competency framework for leadership is in this agile age. He describes the choices that leaders need to make to create an environment where agility thrives.