Product Owner, CEO 

Agile Leadership - Believing that your organization is a machine is holding you back.

Over the last 25 years Scrum has changed not only how people approach their work, but also job titles and career paths. Scrum Master and Product Owner are now main stay roles on recruitment websites or linkedIn career profiles. Sprints, Daily’s and Retrospectives are now part of the normal ‘what did you do at work today’ conversations. But most careers are still

based on an industrial, pre-agile outlook with promotion and value connected to managing people and scarcity of knowledge. Bonuses are paid to individuals and reviews are determined by ‘work’ managers. How do we marry these two worlds? What is the future of work?

In this talk Dave West, CEO of Scrum.org describes the long term impact of Scrum and what future looking organizations are doing to create the right environment for Scrum / agile to be a success.